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Flooring repairs and services

Sometimes, flooring repair works better for your remodel than a new floor covering, returning your existing surfaces to a like-new appearance and functionality. Not every issue constitutes complete replacement, which is where repairs and repair services can shine. Here are some considerations that will help you learn more about these options and what they can mean for your upcoming remodel.

Different floors, different repairs

Each floor covering requires a different kind of repair, so our services will depend on the type of flooring you have in place. For instance, if you have hardwood flooring, our hardwood floor repair can handle any issue, including refinishing, board replacement, and subfloor repairs. Ask how to make worn and damaged spaces look brand new without spending a fortune on materials and installation.

If you have carpeting in place, you might need restretching, seam or stair carpet repair, transition repair, or patching. All these services can give your floors many more years of outstanding service and beautiful visual appeal. And once again, you won't have to worry about replacing an entire room's flooring when choosing carpet repair is just as feasible.

We also provide other flooring repairs, including luxury vinyl flooring work, to give each room a new lease on life. You'll see how repairs can be more effective and economical than flooring replacement. If you have questions about your flooring needs or what we can provide as a service in your home, feel free to speak with an associate while you're here.

Your flooring lifespan matters, and plenty of opportunities exist to get the most from it. So, share
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