Bamboo flooring


What are bamboo floors?

Kings Flooring Service provides bamboo flooring that is grown in China and other Asian countries. Bamboo flooring is a great alternative to hardwood flooring, it is also more friendly for the environment.

Bamboo flooring is becoming increasingly popular because it provides a unique look that no other floor can provide. Many people ask “is Bamboo durable” and to that I say yes, it is durable but also keep in mind that it is not indestructible think of it as a engineered floor. Bamboo flooring is not limited when it comes to styles and colors either, there is a wide variety of finishes and patterns.

Note: Bamboo flooring tends to perform worse in damp and humid places, the staff at Kings Flooring will make sure to inform you of complete spec sheets on bamboo.

Dozens of options!

Bamboo provides a natural and welcoming environment for your home. Bamboo floors tie a home together. Kings Flooring Service provides the best bamboo for residential and commercial use.

Our wide variety of bamboo options ensures we will find the perfect one for you!

We also provide installation making your life easy!

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